John Oliver joins Stephen Colbert to discuss Donald Trump’s potential Robert Mueller interview


Donald Trump has been promising the world an interview with Robert Mueller, the man leading the Russian probe, something the world is eagerly awaiting. 

As you may have suspected, Late Show host Stephen Colbert was quick to jump on the President’s recent comments, discussing them with none other than John Oliver.

“Trump says ‘Yeah, I wanna talk to Mueller’,” opened Colbert, to which Oliver responded: “Yeah, sure he does.”

Oliver added: “Actually I don’t doubt that he wants to talk, but he’s going to have to physically get through his lawyers first. He’s going to have to eat his way through their hands and over his mouth. 

“Because they will tackle him to the floor before he opens his mouth in front of him. He would perjure himself before he’d finished his name.”

Conversely, Colbert said “I think he would do a good job, and I think he should do it,” before Oliver jokingly agreed that the President should do the interview. Watch the full clip below (the Trump comments come around the 7:40 mark).

Meanwhile, Colbert previously said the President was “too chicken” to meet Mueller in a message directed towards Donald Trump. Watch here.